Youth Leadership Development Toolkit

Leadership development is a hot topic among urban practitioners. The resources in this toolkit can help FBOs design effective youth leadership development programs that emphasize both skills and character. This toolkit provides information to help urban youth workers get oriented to the topic of youth leadership development, offers a taste of some of the leading curricula, and includes helpful forms that can be used in program evaluation.

Project Development Tools

Does Your Organization Have the “DNA” Required to Start a Youth Leadership Development Program?    

Use this self-assessment checklist to determine whether your FBO is ready—in terms of your organizational culture—to launch a youth leadership development initiative.       

Do Your Volunteers Have What it Takes to be Part of a Youth Leadership Program?

This checklist focuses practitioners on issues they should look for in evaluating whether current volunteers are likely to be effective helpers in a youth leadership development program.

Getting Oriented: Choosing a Youth Leadership Development Curriculum

For those new to the field of leadership development, this short article introduces the main types of curricula available.