Gun Safety Tips Everyone in the Community Should Know

Gun safety tips everyone in the community should know There have been too many tragedies in the United States recently that could have been prevented if people had known better gun safety tips. In this blog post, we will discuss some important gun safety tips that everyone should know. Following these tips can help keep […]

Outcome-Based Evaluation: A Training Toolkit for Programs of Faith

Summary: This primer will help FBO leaders understand the basics of outcome-based evaluation (OBE), its uses and benefits. This comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial guides program directors through a logical process of identifying program goals, establishing measurement indicators, and collecting data to determine how successful the program was in achieving its targets. The toolkit focuses on a […]

People of Faith Mentoring Children of Promise

This manual is designed as a guide for those who have chosen to take the incarceration of a child’s parent as a point of intervention, with mentoring as a vehicle. The document uses the Amachi program as a model to show how faith-based organizations, secular nonprofits, and public organizations can work together to provide caring […]

New Topic Launched: Ex-Offender Reentry

Policy-makers, news analysts, and community activists alike have honed in our prisoner re-entry as a major challenge facing the U.S. Many FBOs have become engaged in serving ex-offenders in recent years, and many more are exploring ways to do so effectively. FASTEN’s newest programs topic on ex-offender reentry provides dozens of practical, informative resources that can help. Practitioners will […]