Improving Community: Reverse Osmosis System, How Beneficial Is It?

I wonder if you can stay without water for even 12 hours. This is a basic commodity that is not only for consumption but also comes in handy to manage both domestic and industrial activities. The question that one now should ask is then how safe is the water? The safety of water is defined […]

Learning Programs: Proper Way to Use a Plasma Cutter

 In metalwork safety and precaution is something that you cannot run away from. You just have to have protective gear. More importantly, you need to have the right tools like a plasma cutter to enhance the cutting needs of any type of metal including the hard ones. There are several steps that you have to […]

Outcome-Based Evaluation: A Training Toolkit for Programs of Faith

Summary: This primer will help FBO leaders understand the basics of outcome-based evaluation (OBE), its uses and benefits. This comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial guides program directors through a logical process of identifying program goals, establishing measurement indicators, and collecting data to determine how successful the program was in achieving its targets. The toolkit focuses on a […]

People of Faith Mentoring Children of Promise

This manual is designed as a guide for those who have chosen to take the incarceration of a child’s parent as a point of intervention, with mentoring as a vehicle. The document uses the Amachi program as a model to show how faith-based organizations, secular nonprofits, and public organizations can work together to provide caring […]

Youth Leadership Development Toolkit

Leadership development is a hot topic among urban practitioners. The resources in this toolkit can help FBOs design effective youth leadership development programs that emphasize both skills and character. This toolkit provides information to help urban youth workers get oriented to the topic of youth leadership development, offers a taste of some of the leading […]

How Are We Doing? A Toolkit for Organizational Self-Assessment

This toolkit is designed for directors of faith-based organizations who wish to lead their staff, board, and/or volunteers through an intentional process of internal self-assessment. This evaluation system assists organization leaders and stakeholders in assessing whether their programs and policies are “on track” with their mission and philosophy of ministry. It works especially well for […]

New Topic Launched: Ex-Offender Reentry

Policy-makers, news analysts, and community activists alike have honed in our prisoner re-entry as a major challenge facing the U.S. Many FBOs have become engaged in serving ex-offenders in recent years, and many more are exploring ways to do so effectively. FASTEN’s newest programs topic on ex-offender reentry provides dozens of practical, informative resources that can help. Practitioners will […]