5 Ways To Create A Sense Of Community In Your Neighborhood

One way to do this is by getting to know your neighbors and organizing events or activities that everyone can participate in. You can also try promoting neighborliness by setting up a Neighborhood Watch program or creating a social media page for your street or neighborhood. Whatever approach you take, the important thing is to […]

Gun Safety Tips Everyone in the Community Should Know

Gun safety tips everyone in the community should know There have been too many tragedies in the United States recently that could have been prevented if people had known better gun safety tips. In this blog post, we will discuss some important gun safety tips that everyone should know. Following these tips can help keep […]

The Power of Sharing Knowledge

Knowledge is power!?!? You know that old saying, right? And what does it mean for you – how can knowledge give us more of the things we want in our lives: better decisions and reaching those goals. The answer lies within; take a look at your life now then go find some new books (or […]

How to build a personal brand on social media

Building a personal brand on social media is not as difficult or time-consuming of an effort as it seems. The first step to starting your own business regardless of what kind you are trying for will involve building up trust within the community and letting people know who YOU really ARE! 1. Create a professional […]

Tips to Deepen Faith and Engagement Among Community Youths

The average urban youth today is distracted by a lot. The Internet and social media appear to be taking the place of real engagements. The average young person, especially in the developed world, spends more time in front of a screen than actual physical people. This development has impacted the way they interact in ways […]

How FBOs Can Improve the Public Health of Urban Communities

Good health is a basic necessity of any human being, and it’s impossible to ignore or treat with levity. An individual who’s at an optimal state of health will be in the best position to carry other life activities. Since the environment is also a determinant of good health, those living in urban communities are […]

What are the Security Options for Urban Communities?

One of the main challenges in urban living is security. People don’t trust one another, unlike their counterparts in the remote villages.  Urban dwellers are in a rush to get the best out of city life. Besides, others love staying in the city with nothing specific to do, yet, they have to eat and pay […]

5 Skills Leaders Gain from Welders

Welding is a practical skill that requires specific interpersonal skills to emerge the best. Also, having the expertise is the foundation of a welder; its use in customized designs proves your success in the career. On the other hand, dynamism in leadership dictates whether you are a good leader or not. How flexible are you […]

How FBOs Can Help with Community Development

“When the essence of religion and spirituality are universal human values, it is vital that we drop our minuscule identities, join hands and take bigger responsibilities to make this world free of disease, stress, and social evils.”  Mr. Anish Dua, on behalf of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, India (Global Forum of Faith-Based Organizations […]