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About the Founder

Joyce A. Brown

The Faith and Service Technical Education (FASTEN) Network was founded by Joyce A. Brown in 2002 to bring together like-minded people focused on community development. As a believer and someone passionate about community development, Joyce established this group to provide networking opportunities and informational resources to public administrators, private philanthropists, and FBOs to collaborate towards renewing urban communities.

Besides her job as an attorney, Joyce A. Brown dedicates her free time to preparing educational materials for distribution to private and public sector practitioners. Additionally, she oversees the various leadership programs Fasten Network offers.

Joyce A. Brown is married and lives in Michigan with her husband, their two kids, and her cat.

To work towards identifying best practices in multi-sector and faith-based services collaboration while creating and disseminating educational materials to both public and private sector practitioners for community development.

As the leading organization focused on strengthening connections, sharing knowledge, and improving results for community transformation, we plan to regularly provide educational materials to all stakeholders involved to help achieve community development.