Fasten Network

Sharing Knowledge, Strengthening Connection, Improving Outcomes for Community Transformation



The Faith and Service Technical Education (FASTEN) Network is an organization dedicated to strengthening connections, sharing knowledge, and improving outcomes for community transformation

Community development works with multiple sources and forces of action to implement improvements and changes. A community that seeks to improve itself isn’t limited by what’s beyond its reach. While an average citizen can become a major participant in a community development process, the project will be hugely successful when done by a group of like-minded people with a common goal.

This group can include faith-based organizations (FBOs), public administrators, and private philanthropists. FBOs work every day to better their communities and the world by taking care of those in need. They provide health care and health information worldwide to facilitate community development.

Under community development, people join hands to mobilize resources, identify common goals and problems and develop strategies to reach their objectives.


Benefits of Joining a Strengthened Community

There are many benefits to joining a strengthened and collaborative group like Fasten Network. They include:

Positive Reinforcement

By joining a collaborative and strengthened community, you enjoy positive reinforcement from other members. You can collaborate with like-minded people in your community to address local issues and find ways to bring lasting solutions to the problem.


Wider Outreach

Becoming a part of a strengthened community like Fasten Network will help you connect to a larger audience that shares the same ideals and views with you. There are diverse ranges of professionals in the Network ready to assist you in achieving your goals. You can always get expert advice on policy issues affecting your community and how to help.

Increase Motivation

Being with like-minded people passionate about the same thing can increase your motivation and zeal to accomplish a goal. You can exchange ideas and also learn new strategies that will help you achieve your goal.

What We offer

Programs Offered

1.   Transformational Leadership

Under this program, you’ll learn how to become a leader that transforms the community. Transformational leaders have unwavering faith in their work, the organizational goals and objectives, and the means to achieve them. They’re trained to be passionate about the community while believing in the community development cause and working consistently towards its achievements.

2.   Effective Communications Strategy

We train people to become effective communicators. Individuals who undertake this course know they have to deal with diverse audiences like FBOs, private philanthropists, public administrators, and even NGOs, so they’ll need to adjust their communication style to suit each audience. They’ll often need to get social and meet many stakeholders in community development, network and engage people to work towards achieving their aim.


3.  Critical Thinking

Every leader has to be a critical thinker. Leaders must be able to think up solutions at the spot. We teach people who undertake this course how to think up solutions that will improve living standards in their communities while fostering proper growth and development.

4.  Capacity Building for Development

Every community that seeks to grow needs capacity builders; as such, we teach capacity building, which entails cultivating and strengthening the ability, skills, resources, and processes communities need to adapt, survive, and thrive in a steadily changing world.

As a capacity builder, you develop and strengthen your ability to impact communities and lives positively.


5.  Information Technology Security

With the ever-increasing prevalence of our personal data existing online, information technology security is more important than ever. In particular, identity theft is a major concern in this digital age. According to recent estimates, over 14 million U.S. citizens experience some form of identity theft every year, resulting in billions of dollars in losses and damages. As our identities become increasingly tied to our digital existence at work and home, it is essential to have reliable systems in place that can protect us from malicious actors and provide secure access for ourselves. This can involve implementing strong passwords or two-factor authentication methods as well as having anti-virus software installed on all devices connected to the internet. Additionally, individuals should be aware of the risks associated with using public Wi-Fi networks and take steps to protect their personal information when using them. Ultimately, taking the necessary steps now to ensure the security of your online data can help you avoid being a victim of identity theft in the future.

The greatness of the community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members